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We can never Payback the GIFT of LIFE…Happy Mother’s day to all you Mothers out there..No Matter what you believe.. one God, but not that One God this one…No god, many gods…we cannot deny that we all come from a WOMAN.. as a world we should really have more reverence for the LIFE givers ..truly celebrate and respect Mothers and Women in General…with a genuine recognition that we all spring from this incredible self sacrificing and loving Mother figure…… So Love cherish and respect your Mama everyday dummies..Oh and by the way…say hello to your Mother for me….


On The Weekly WJBW Reaches all across the country ..we LOVE Orlando however it goes without saying that other cities and towns also have incredible talent and we want to offer to help amplify those voices…as staying true to our credo Viva Inde it is not just for Orlando..but we think most of you already know that and we appreciate that you understand and share in kind.. Thank you.. YOu know who you are….

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We LOVE art, Music and Food here at WJBW Networks, so much so that we want to ensure we keep talking with people about those areas, especially as we branch out of Orlando.

This week on The JB Rev Show  7pm est. we are honored to reconnect with an incredible forefather of Orlando Artist, DJ and good time Creator..we get the chance to chat with Victor Perez who now resides in Philly.


Victor was a founder of the Nude Nite art show here in Florida..or let me check the facts..yes I believe we are 100 % correct.. we will ask that this tuesday night and more find out what wonderful culture the city of brotherly LOVE has to share, we will catch up with this Local Legend … plus grind on both trucks and talk about how Skateboarding keeps people healthy and also Victor’s incredible art turning Skate Decks into Art and Lamps and Signs.. Check IT we chat with Victor at 7:30 pm.


Then at 8pm we cover an incredibly compelling topic Your Nutrition and Health. I think for most of us we take tons of stuff for granted but do not be fooled in this world Health is Wealth and sharing ways to ensure you are practicing prevention with nutrition and exercise is highly important. Charles has been always working to ensure awareness and education coupled with Action to make great change occur, in people’s lives.


Charles may look familiar from being a celebrity chef or some of his many roles in TV and Movies . However For the last several years Charles has been dedicated to keeping the conversation alive about the topic of Diabetes across the world.


Great Friend of the Show Charles Mattocks will be joining us for a chat about How his journey to educate and open discussions about the benefits of nutrition is Helping to save lives. Charles is the host of a new show called Reversed plus on our episode he will donate some serious first hand insight into the real benefits of Prevention and mitigation of Illness when it regards what you Eat and Drink.

Next on the geek nerd note we at WJBW are constantly experimenting, so within a facebook browser I am working to see how elegant the calling interface is and soon we may be able to have multiple voices contributing their viewpoints on the myriads of topics we talk about On the Weekly.



Open discourse is the Key to a healthy democracy, so let us begin with this simple concept and start speaking with each other more so we can corral the conversations toward the right topics that will further push change into the direction of well being for all. Keep counting on WJBW for Talk, Music and News #ONtheWeekly !!!







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