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Talk ..Talk …Talk..some are so very Loquacious..Well We at WJBW give you Music, News and Talk all LIVE and all Weekly… OH ..and of course ACTION. Announcing our Summer Tour of LIVE remotes from Fine establishments across Orlando such as Maxine’s On Shine, Kush Ultralounge and others waiting to be confirmed once we get it all nice and locked up we can release a summer schedule.. So Keep your ears peeled for that announcement ….as this was the announcement about the announcement. Nice Hair..BTW


Coming into Summer Months in Florida the weather is just ever so delightful..(This is Not True) It is unbearably HOT..So the Season X comes to a close and we embark on a Summer Tour, Just in time for the Heat..we are doing LIve shows from Local Establishments and will have a #JimDandy of a time.. All are welcome to come to the establishment ..or listen online Live or ondemand.. I imagine the guest and changing venues and guests could look something like this….Or Whatever,,


OK so this week as we close out Season X …..The Jb Rev Show Tuesday Night we have a hard working and passionate founder of Henao Contemporary Center


Jose Henao will join us early tuesday night just after 7pm….


715 to 730 to talk about this gallery venue..Here are some images to get you some insight ..all nice and pre show and such. As we mentioned it is also an ART space and Music Space



The Balance of the Show we have some last minute confirmations that could prove exciting so Hang tight Homies…as you know we’re always working to keep moving forward..

ALL Week Long We play original music and Report News Badly.. so Keep Counting on us for New Original Content that keeps moving forward.. Rock Steady… JB


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