Indie Summer: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey Hey Summertime Rolls ..This week we return with a kickoff of a summer tour right from Home Base.. Due to the High Rate of Steady pumpin original content Housekeeping mandates we WILL pull down some WJBW sessions from 2015 to make room for New Episodes.. So Download to Desktop or Device NOW !


The Return of The Jb Rev Show this week, keeps us Poppin ! This week we have some last minute scheduling to continue doing until we can release a formal list. Crazy I know two days before the show and we do not have our Shit together, just pitiful right?


At any rate maybe those who cannot quickly confirm do not get the extra Love via this blog.. or whatever. Ok Papa Every Tuesday Night 7pm ish Via This link.. we do Live broadcasts then distribute out to over a dozen different distribution sites for consumption.  We do it for the True Love of our fellow human, we believe people are interesting and naturally Good at heart and should get some recognition for working to share their insides with us either with their ART, Music Food or activism we want to share the word as well, plus have a platform where the voice is never controlled by money.


We love original music and to air it whenever possible in saying that we create content for those with a diverse palate Breaking News Badly and The Circadian Cast are weekly productions and showcase original thought and original music respectively ..

WJBW Ocho Logo

Ok Papa enjoy the Day we will post up where we will be broadcasting LIVE this summer probably after we have done it..because I am thinking this pre blog shit may have to GO..

Happy Father’s Day.. Papa.. JB







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