I Can’t Even..Right NOW! :WJBW Blogging Follies

That’s The Phrase that Pays these days. I guess. I have observed that the people that say they can’t even …sure end up talking a whole bunch..or that’s just an observation as I say because I totally Can Even..and also more because I know the importance of being able to do things..or whatever..Totally..



This week, More original Music, and News being Broken badly for you this week, The JB Rev Show has another session at home before we start the tests out in public of the new ultra light broadcast rig.. Ok tech geek side note.. sorry.


At 730 pm we are honored to have a broadcasting legend on air with us to chat about his book BlackOut and his Radio Station  98.5 The Wire ..plus share some stories of his incredible career.Mr Paul Porter joins us for A Local Legend session and to provide insight into the some of his plans right here in Central Florida to Grow our community in a positive direction.





After that about 8pm we will chat with an innovative young man making music on the east coast of Florida  Jayedone Munroe of SOMBER plans on giving us a call about the 8pm hour. of course we will roll into a track..then keep moving into open topics..and news.


All content is up at this LINK and can be downloaded, or the Spreaker App is totally free or again we are on over a dozen different platforms for your phone, so iTunes, Google Play and tons of other distribution sites.

We know you have tons of choices out there, so make a little birdhouse in your soul for the Original.. Let’s Rock..!!!

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