Orlando LOVES YOU Billy Manes!

Wow… Just as this rough week comes to a close with the ever blissful promise of Friday’s benevolence about to break open the weekend. I was scrolling Facebook, and saw the POST from the Orlando Weekly. Orlando icon Billy Manes has passed away.

WOW..what a GUT Punch…I am not sure of all the details or scenarios surrounding the loss so of course will go no further into speculation.

Recently I was privileged to be with Billy at the Tribute to Morgan Steele earlier in the Year. We each had some unpublished works of Morgan’s writings to read inbetween the musical acts at the event in April 2017 that Dirt McCoy worked so hard to put together.


Last night with the news of Billy being admitted to the Hospital I reposted the Local legend interview that I did with Billy back in 2014. Before reposting I sat and Watched it and was filled with Hope for him that he would recover and be back working to find his next chapter in Life.. Yet that is not the case and I am honestly very torn up about this loss and am surely offering to aid any objective to keep Billy Manes Spirit in Our Orlando community!! We love honor and Respect Billy Manes and I personally am devastated that he is Gone.. Below is the Local legend session with Billy from September of 2014. Under that is the reconnect session we did in February 2016 Billy’s interview is about half way in….OK Papa..Take care and respect Each other..LOVE…JB       #BillyMania


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