My Own Private Ivanhoe: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey.. Hey, What’s UP It is oddly perfectly weighted Albert, or JB Webb or whatever..



I have been fortunate to be able to afford time to properly reflect on tons of things that just happened in my life..because sometimes as we all know things just happen and you have to scramble to work to deal with IT..anyway.. Once One gets separated from corrosive influence..  One is able to be more impactful toward One’s purpose.. which is the most valuable thing ONE can do in the universe which is to fulfill YOUR purpose.. OK Papa…


The Point of this blog post is simply that since we set up The JB Rev Show Summer Tour Things have changed, so here is an augmented schedule for The Month of August..

8/1/17 Live from The Milk District We offer up our #GoFoodTruckYourself3 edition encouraging YOU to get out of the house and support Local and Independent.. every Tuesday night Orlando Independents gather in the back of the Business’ parking lot with Food Trucks lined up to offer variety of unique tastes and flavors.. So Join US as we Broadcast LIVE with a light mobile broadcast rig and work to speak with as many people as possible during this edition… #GoFoodTruckYourself3


8/8/17 The following week we expect to broadcast LIVE from FACTUR ON the Ivanhoe District’s main drag.. Here is a video to get awareness of the #MakerSpace that is FACTUR.


We hope to have some other surprises yet to be scheduled from this same edition of #MyOwnPrivateIvanhoe which will shine a light on other Business’ in the affectionately named #IvanHood joins us as WE perpetually keep showcasing how awesome the Orlando Community truly IS.


8/15/17 We have set up a New concept OUR First game Show edition , We also expect to have conversations with those most musically inclined…


Mark Sunderland via The Yelves and Danke Shane who produces some incredible music that harkens back to the alternative sounds of the late 80’s and 90’s at least to my ears, yet is somehow shiny and NEW.. OK Papa

So after that, we take some time off ( a few weeks ) to prep up For Season 8 aka #SeasonOcho of The Jb Rev Show.. more details to come..

That’s All I got for Now…..Keep Loving each other via creating, sharing and working to ensure we can hear those most faint voices because that is a GREAT America to ME..


Love Ya.. Ciao for Now..JB



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