Wash Me Clean: WJBW Blogging Follies

Normally I do not get too personal on these blog posts or cry out for help on Facebook…however given some recent BACK TO BACK situations out of my control negatively impacting my LIFE.. I have to remark on the incredible power of being able to Wash Oneself Clean! We all have the ability to cleanse ourselves from people that are corrosive to our existence or in my case a company..making false accusations about MY behavior! In most cases it takes Time and reflection.. such was the case with myself.

For others Depending on how embedded one is in their company’s culture inside and or outside of the actual job itself..By this I mean simply you make friends..build trust.. you buy into the objectives and work to make good things happen. In essence DO YOUR JOB ! I think mostly everyone wakes up and wants something incredible for their LIFE and they work with like minded people to accomplish this objective.

However…Once YOU are Free from any corrosive influence you have to take some time to find yourself, your true SELF again and get that hogwash out of your head….. it took me a couple weeks before I was able to wash myself clean of a LIE someone told that led to me being released from my day job.

In saying that for almost 3 years I embraced the company culture and worked to offer proactive solutions as they used my favorite ( CRM ) Salesforce.com. I have over a decade of experience with this tool and freely gave advice to this billion dollar company as to ways this platform could be configured to allow for greater sales effectiveness. I enjoyed working towards a goal and being able to meet or exceed the goals. I treated every one kindly and never threatened or spoke words of hate directly to ANYONE OR attempted to hurt anyone in any way EVER! Yet without any warning or counseling I was let go for violating a policy that is too embarrassing for me to even bring up here. Sorry, It still bothers me that someone would say this about Me. So I was let go from this JOB. It goes without saying that I consider myself to be relatively Sharp. Prior to all this in my first year, neigh my first six months.. I sold a big deal and it like 300k.. Wow exciting Right? Yes so I thought so too however..the company has a culture that allowed a fellow employee higher up on the food chain as it were ..to take the big deal and join it over to her parent account ,then when it came time to pay out this big deal I noticed I only got credit for half of the amount.

So knowing the Salesforce.com tool like I do I found the other half of the project buried and showed my manager and got paid..it took a year ..but I got what was rightfully mine. I had to fight for it and show proof..please note..The other party did not get fired for this “theft” or mis-calculation of the whole amount of the project..I shared that little scenario because I feel it goes to show that I was someone that this company could not trick and since hard times were coming for this company the guy with the eagle eye must be expelled from the campus under false pretense no less…That is just my sense of the scenario.. aka my opinion..apparently.. or whatever.. Ugh …ok got that off my chest this is part of the washing and cleaning so thank you for letting me blog all over your face,,papa..Anyway..So besides the character assassination this whole scenario caused some serious monetary issues with the family finances. The Point is For the past 8 years I have been shelling out my money via WJBW to play people’s original music, interview talented people and to simply create a way to have a media voice not controlled by money just an Orlando community voice, pure as the water in Lake Eola..

OK, well you get the point I hope. ..Here is my facebook rant. Thank you to those who helped out today we are covered for the next couple of months to pay for the broadcasting infrastructure,  and of course the time it takes to coordinate and create original content which I would lOVE to do Full time.. but in reality now I just need a NEW JOB.. So keep me in mind if you know someone who needs a personable technical sales person or some creative work on their social site or websites…

Please note the following was out of the ordinary for me to post something like this which is childish and now I feel embarrassed but alas..that’s how this whole washing clean thing works you have to get the dirt OUT!

Funny how people claim to be your friend until you need help

Posted by Jb Webb on Monday, August 7, 2017

JB Rant

I appreciate the recent kindness offered to me through my childish cry for help. Thank you for those who helped today as this is truly out of my character to lash out on anyone for anything so now it is OUT! Or maybe I just opened a door  for MY midlife crisis.but I can deal with that on my own time..So how can YOU help keep our content moving forward? Simple..ONE…GIVE/Donate to the Cause…or TWO Share and Consume our Content..$5 $10 or $20 bucks goes along way with what we do.. with 3 LIVE shows weekly.

Right here is the LINK For OUR WJBW  Paypal Donate option  if you are able to throw some support behind our humble cause. We thank YOU! If YOU cannot give a donation please consume and share the Content..All our content is free and we never monetize it..also it is available on over a dozen different platforms for download or on demand..here are the links to the primary sites for the content.

The JB Rev Show: We interview talented people Artists, musicians chefs business owners, activists and on and on.. we created the Local Legend interview and dub our humble title upon those who are 20 years deep into serving the Orlando culture (8 Years Strong)

The Circadian Cast: We play people’s original Music.. and some mixes here and there but always serving the original sounds on the weekly. (4 years Strong)

Breaking News Badly: A simple news digest where we play original music and stuff some headlines in the middle nothing to complicated music news headlines music.. (2 Years Old)

We want to keep supporting and amplifying the voices of those people working hard to make their dream or goals happen because we believe Orlando is Unique and Incredible!

With all the tragic losses over the past few years of Unique Orlando voices and important Artist, Musicians AND Activist figures….I want to help ensure those Voices and what they represented does not go silent..PLUS..I am grateful that I am still here..SO Thank YOU!

Now it is 8 years later and I want to keep moving forward and that is exactly what I will do .so for now I renew my commitment to Orlando…and it will be MUCH MORE LOVE to COME.. Ciao for Now…JB


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