The End of The Road!: WJBW Blogging Follies

OH Snap…Success.. I would like to thank persistence and the kindness of friends and supporters.. I humbly accept this honor and will now complete my final year of internet broadcasting to obtain my doctorate of Internet broadcasting!..Thank You Thank You all.. That last part was some honest sarcasm.. or Just Call Me Dr. WeBB …..Ok Papa!


SO..That’s It once we accomplish this show on Tuesday night 8/15/17 7pm: the #GameShowEdition Then WE take a few weeks off to plan for OUR Season 8 Opener on 9/12/17. In the meanwhile please get the Spreaker App and Follow US.. in case they screw with the Internet! or whatever… #NetNeutrality


So Tuesday Night it’s the end of the road for The JB Rev Show Summer Tour! The final Stop at home base ..Our Game Show edition will include Talented people we interview then will play a game with them..SO..This should be ever so delightful.. so join US HERE


For the sake of chronicling: The Summer Tour.. Here are the LIVE Broadcasts links to the content produced LIVE From many great Local business’. With Recent events we want to be sure we are associated with UNITYContact us for communicating about any of your ideas,,,Thank YOU Ok Papa..Ciao ..See ya Tuesday NIGHT!


July 11th 2017 Live From Nora’s



7/18/17 LIVE From KUSH
7/25/17 #MaxinesAfterDark3
8/1/17 #GoFoodTruckYourself3
8/8/17 #MyOwnPrivateIvanhoe FACTUR
8/8/17 #MyOwnPrivateIvanhoe Hideaway Bar




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