OVER ONE Thousand Served! :WJBW Blogging Follies

So if a Picture is worth a thousand words what is a LIVE internet.. weekly… broadcast (aka Podcast) …that plays YOUR original music… Worth? …Duh! …..A Thousand Songs. …From a Thousand different artists NO Less!

This Thursday night I will play the remaining balance of about 20 songs from all different artists to officially surpass the 1000 Mark! SO..  JOIN ME LIVE!!



All the music we play on The Circadian Cast is created by original musicians from all across the GLOBE!  We never monetize the Show and have been at it for 4 years officially… So 8/24/17 Tune IN HERE.. The Circadian Cast Started in August of 2013 and Now I am Humbled and honored or Will be…to have aired over 1000 different original artists music.. So a Huge…Thank YOU Is in Order..


I personally Love the process of doing the show from filtering through music sent to the show via originalmusicsubmission@wjbwnetworks.com (Hint) or from scouring sites that allow for the artists work to be distributed through a creative commons license. I must State clearly that harvesting from this site FreeMusicArchive.org kept things moving during all the time that it took people to finally understand what the HELL I have been trying to accomplish, for the past 4 years of this program’s existence…

Simple I want to play YOUR music..

SO now you get It,,Right ?.. Oh ..NO you still do not understand???..it’s #OkPAPA..I have faith in YOU! 

The purpose of The Circadian Cast has always been to offer a non traditional outlet to AIR original music..offering an eclectic playlist that would simulate the natural process of Our Circadian rhythms .. or at the very least offer a wide range of music in an hour set.. We have aired so many Genres I am sure the genres number in the hundreds…but I am not counting Genres…Now we are Counting over 1000 original musicians works (aka songs) we have proudly showcased over the 4 year period… The Good News is thanks to community Support..We are not planning on letting UP anytime soon.

So in review.. Tune In Tomorrow Night and of course.. Me..Super Proud to have over 1000 voices backing up the simple yet elegantly tenacious independent ROAR of

Viva Indie..  Viola…JB




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