Season Ocho is Nigh: WJBW Blogging Follies

Survival Is Imprinted on everyone’s DNA albeit some more deeply than others. Sometimes we think five steps ahead and sometimes we cannot even see the step in front of us yet blindly step out hoping it will be there, in order to continue forward. Over 8 years at WJBW we have faced many challenges and have overcome each and every one.  In True form we have a seemingly insurmountable task or event..ahead…Here is the current challenge: We scheduled the Season Premiere of Season OCHO for a LIVE session on 9/12/17.



NOW However…With an impending Hurricane Eyebanging Florida from across the Atlantic, the likelihood that We may not Have POWER let alone an internet connection seems more painfully apparent as the hours tick away Today.. So We are making the CALL… as One never knows what tomorrow will hold let alone the following Week.

Yet We Must Push FORWARD, Season 8 oops I mean Season OCHO Will indeed begin on 9/12/17 even if we have to offer something prerecorded…Which means if all goes well post Storm..,We can have our originally planned LIVE session with the scheduled guests on 9/19/17 and then continue forth into Season OCHO as normal..We will Blog UP Our Guests if things change to our favor in the next few days… if Not.. Simply ..Expect a Pre Recorded session with a Local a much needed distraction from the NASTY Storm of the Century..

So Stay Safe this week and next..make sure you take time to plan and prepare for the worst and hope for the best, because not being prepared for something you had ample time to prepare the worst ever.. Wait I’m confusing myself now..




So in Review SEASON OCHO Premiere ..STILL HAPPENING 9/12/17,,, Plus OF COURSE we will continue to serve as inspiration and ALWAYS WORK TO shine a light on deserving talented people also continue to bolster the Orlando Community and Art, Music, Food and Activism Communities. #AMFA #OKPapa , got to board up my house now.. Hope to see you later.. Cheers JB 

P.S: Since we do everything out of LOVE and money out of our own pockets… 8 Years Ah Hem.. We are Open to your Funding Here are a couple of ways.

Buy A Season OCHO Limited run Dark Horse Special T Shirt. Via This LInk or we are always accepting any Supportive Donations via…. PAYPAL

DONATE For Original Content







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