London Calling: WJBW Blogging Follies

WOW What A week..EH…,, hopefully you’re Safe from Hurricane Irma!!! Have Power and Internet and have little or NO damage to your Home or Business. Kudos to ALL Florida Officials for being a ROCK during this time of Peril and uncertainty.. Thank YOU!!



I know it was this time last week, preparations were busily being made to brace for the cataclysmic Unknown. Well. Now we are HERE and hopefully once again showcasing how awesome the Orlando community is by helping your fellow human, no matter how big or small your contributions the actual act of caring and communicating with our neighbors is the healthiest thing any community can ever do..that is IT simply Love each other as you LOVE yourself. We are very STRONG when We wake each day with the sole intent of HELPING another HuMAN being..


OH Ya the POINT.. London Calling… The Theme of the the whole blog dealio..Right..The Point of this post is to have some Backup or extra JUICE to the Launch of #SeasonOCHO and the guests who were able to join us for the Premiere Huge Thanks to Jessica Pawli to chat about an Incredible rendition of Southern Fried Sunday at Will’s PUB Here is all the information and a link for tickets.


Then we received a call from LONDON from a DJ with Orlando origins Honored to have a session with REMARK Not only having a Podcast since 2006 Remark is releasing a classic Orlando oldschool club mix that is designed to invoke the Days of Orlando House Music Lore .. Here is The documentary we spoke about during the Interview..


Every tuesday night We Broadcast Via This HUB so follow us There we love to promote talented people, shine a light on those creative individuals who are working hard no matter where they reside.


Of Course We LOVE Orlando..and will continue to support #Orlandoians so  crack OPEN the following Episode Early release Season OCHO premiere is available on Demand or Download 

OR easier Yet……Here is the inlay of the episode over On the YOUTUBE ..Cheers JB



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