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Hey… Hello, Hi. Hola.. Salut.. Aloha and other such greeting and Salutations…



As #SeasonOCHO blazes forward we stay TRUE to OUR Roots….This Week On The JB Rev Show Stoked to Have a session with Vaughn Belak as we interviewed Vaughn in our first Season of the show and  will be honoring Him with our Humble #LocalLegend it will be excellent to catch up as he is busy AF and a Real man to Boot… Here the layout for the session.

VB pic

Vaughn will share some insight into some interesting Workings with Local Thirty Six Black Art Collective   Plus We will chat about Spooky Empire and His New Book Called

VB Book and PIC

Here is a LINK to learn MORE and Support!!


Then at the 8pm Hour..we offer a recorded Local legend session with an 80 Year old Army Vet Gene Humphries. Gene has a storied career and offers UP some deep insight into Army Life and his trajectory…as he started his career doing propaganda Radio then moved into Paratrooper became a JumpMaster.. then Civil Engineering and Combat Engineering. So Truly An Amazing Life Story. We are Honored to Have Gene on Our Show..



Gene’s background is incredible and is a little bit of a break from the Arts, Music and Activists we normally speak with, that’s why we say He is Real MAN AF So Tuesday night enjoy a Live/ Recorded EP 229 #RealManAF Session via this Main Link.. 


Next Week Is The Reverend’s Birthday so expect some of our standard craziness and as usual…….. Viva Indie..JB

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