Lend Me YOUR EARS: WJBW Blogging Follies

Each Week I engage in some productive disciplines that I feel enrich My Life and potentially the Lives of Others. One is simply Doing a weekly LIVE Internet TALK show where we show the LOVE to Creative people busting their Ass to make things happen. Also The effort to collect and Air People’s original Music which they work so hard to create and proliferate out on the Internet. SO we give support to their dreams in this simple regard. Lastly I write this blog as a means of my Own healthy cathartic release.

Today I as YOU were awoken to the News of the tragedy in Las Vegas..I have No appraisal to provide to try and influence you one way or another..my outlook is one that is galvanized By LOVE. I exercise LOVE daily, weekly and so on, this altruistic cause of dedicating time energy and money to talk with talented people to promote their efforts and more on the nose, having a platform for LIVE Uncensored Free speech, has become more and more important to Me..

As I grappled about even writing a blog to promote this week’s show, I side stepped and looked back and thought.. You Know what If I Died..IN Vegas…I took a step back and contemplated and was slightly pleased to see that I would leave behind a legacy of LOVE..Via This humble misunderstood effort of Independent Internet broadcasting ON The Weekly..I feel Exercising LOVE is so Important So if YOu are not doing IT Daily I strongly encourage you to Find some way to help others and stick TO IT.. It will aid you in moments when LIFE’s not fair or in times of great discord and chaos.

#OKPapa..That’s My Two Cents..

This Week and Every Week 7pm EST We fire UP a LIVE Stream Via This LINK once the LIVE show has ended we distribute out to over a dozen different Podcast Platforms and VIOLA..Onto Our Guests This Week Via The JB Rev Show. We will have the opportunity to Speak with a True renaissance Man In SKIP.


Music, Art, Activism and Much More SKIP is an Orlando Staple who uses his voice for making Statements with Art, He has begun a new web series which we will chat about and much More.. Peep some insight via This LINK..

Then Just before 8pm in our never ending quest to focus on The Orlando Community.. and those who are serving with the purpose of  working to make things better 

We are honored to have some time to Chat with Dr. Jodi L. Rice,D.C who is not only very community minded but also has a Practice here called Ferncreek Healing Center



So Keep Counting ON Us to continue doing the WORK to create Original Content and focus on those Individuals and groups Busting IT to Make the World a Better Place..


Rock Steady..JB

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