On The Double: WJBW Blogging Follies

Welcome back to our weekly effort to write words aka blog…before we speak words aka Talk show.. because those spoken words often turn into action and unless you are writing what you speak and are doing what you say, then you might not remember what you said you would do or did or have done….or said you would do, but have not done yet. but totally going to do it…HUH..??…..Right Exactly.. #OkPapa.…Take a Breath…



We Go LIVE every Tuesday night 7pm from this LINK follow us ON Spreaker or any of your favorite podcast platforms..In Our continued effort to shine alight on people doing great things this week is No exception..



This week on The JB Rev Show we have two female guests that are each making a positive impact on Orlando. First at 7:30 pm we will hear from  Nikki Namdar of Orlando Vegans and #CFVegFest2017 


The Central Florida Veg Fest is a Free Event at Orlando Festival Park 10/28/17 tons of family friendly activities and of Course Vegetables.. and more because Nikki’s other effort is called Orlando Vegans which is an incredible resource for anyone to learn or share ways life is better by converting to Veganism..or at least augmenting your diet to exclude animals.. So expect a healthy Chat about options you have for what you put in your mouth..



Then 8pm hour..the hardworking and talented Jessica Mariko Of DRIP makes her debut on our show, we expect to learn about her origins in performance art and the Founding of DRIP..



We LOVE the Art forward visual aesthetic and interaction that DRIP represents, we are proud that this originated out of Orlando.. So we will learn a ton about Jessica and DRIP plus their physical location for you to visit.. and current theme for October..Here is a sample video dig it..


Of Course via the same Brand WJBW later in the week we offer Original Music via The Circadian Cast We air music from all across the Globe and help you to open up a bit and hear something NEW within the  prepared hour set of all originals back to back….


Also look out later this month some surprises scheduled for Halloween perhaps …SO.. …..Rock Steady..and all that Jazz..JB

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