Tap To UnMute :WJBW Blogging Follies

YA You KNow…When you click that video link and it brings up the video on your phone but nothing is playing..YA …so THAT Feeling….”Tap To UnMute”..Sometimes you need to do that with People or maybe yourself while you are listening to other people..Our World has become one that almost has the sound off by default due to all this misperception,anger, taking everything out of context and don’t forget the Yelling…. Well BOY Howdy.. I am pleased to Introduce YOU to The JB Rev Show...Tuesday Nights 7pm…ON The Weekly..


We chat with Talented People, Not in a screaming match in but rather a good old fashioned simple dialogue,, back and forth..Real Simple Right? ..So If you are starving for some real conversations we have Just What The Doctor ordered..Check IT..


This week we are happy to have a talented and soulful musician scheduled for a conversation Beartoe..Roberto Aguilar is able to mystify a room,,a well traveled Musician..That Evokes a Full Sound for Mostly doing Solo Performances..Yet Plays with a band sometimes…..SO Joins Us for a conversation about his music and unique sound..maybe he will share a few stories.as well…You Can Check Out His Sounds Via This LINK


Prior to all that we have some housekeeping to take care of so OPEN Phone Lines for the first Hour..407-906-9328… NO Topic is Taboo..Well..unless you are angry and yelling and stuff..then we don’t want none of that noise..OK Papa..

WJBW Ocho Logo

Of Course Later IN the Week The Circadian Cast Plus Our Monthly News Digest Breaking News Badly..Then The cycle starts all over again.. We keep cranking OUT original Content in Our Eighth Season, we have more surprises all along the way..so Please  Enjoy and if you enjoy Please Share..and simple..Thank YOU..


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