Payola IT Forward: WJBW Blogging Follies

Knock …Knock……Housekeeping:

Knock …Knock……Housekeeping:

Knock …Knock……Housekeeping:..OK….I come in Anyway..

We sincerely congratulate anyone who is making money doing an INTERNET RADIO Show or aka a PODCAST.  Kudo’s seriously….It’s vicious out there…Dog Eat Dog..Even saw It ,,Myself.. However for those like US doing this out of LOVE We WANT to celebrate our fellow human for being Talented, plus help to amplify what they are doing..We LOVE ART, MUSIC and FOOD..and want to support a GOOD Cause every Now and Then. I know crazy somebody doing something without getting Money for it..Wow what a concept..


SO…DO NOT make it hard by trying to discredit the altruistic pioneering trailblazing shit we are doing over here,……. because we all know it bolsters you to bring somebody else down, or maybe even puts money in your pocket???


Don’t Get It Twisted….WE are NOT YOUR Competition in Orlando…We are Nationally Consumed…..besides.. …Quite the Opposite is True…We support all that creative SHIT all the time like everyday CHILL..We ARE ..Not the enemy....We are in our 8th Season and if you simply listen to the show YOU will hear that we play original music for our commercials have a couple interviews weekly to chat with talented people….. Then our sponsors are our talented Friends that run a Businesses.So we want to talk about them each week of course…So Relax..Nothing Dubious Here…OK…Got that Out..So Thanks for letting me do some housekeeping in front of you…Now I am taking off this lingerie and finishing this blog..Thanks……………………..

Moving ON.. This week..On The JB Rev Show    Tune IN Via This Link

We charge ever forward and have begun our 8th Season of Original Content Multiple forms……


OH Ya So This Week..Halloween Falls on a Tuesday night and we have a special episode planned.. Good Buddy Jeffro Sits in For The Rev this week..So we will catch up with our buddy and open phone lines early..



Then at 7:30 we have a chat with an authentic Orlando Voice Trevor Fraser who is an Entertainment writer for The Orlando Sentinel..We expect to learn more about his background as he is surely within our guidelines for our Humble ..Local legend Title.


Next up 8pm we circle back with great friend of the show and Orlando staple..Frankie Messina..we talk about Blanket Orlando 6 again this year, because we believe in this effort and want to spread awareness..


Here are some At a Glance…details..Here is the FB event to Join or follow



Finally as we close out the week..We offer up our 4 year old effort to promote talented people, by playing their original music..The Circadian Cast is starting to gain an understanding and is striking some deep ,musical chords..because please keep in mind all of America has Wifi..(maybe except Trump, you can totally see the wires..) and we are catering to a wider and wider national audience..we are sure that our efforts do not go unnoticed as we are charged with spreading this simple concept that speaking with people is enforcement of our inherent social and civic duties to spread American principles…which at the bedrock of these principles is simply to..have a free, unfiltered ,unmonetized voice we see as a very very very important to the health of our Democracy…..OR….

WJBW Ocho Logo

Your podcast is way better than anyone else’s or whatever..back biting and fronting YOU got……..OK Papa…Love and Respect each other…Hope this was not too scary of a blog for you to read…….Rock Steady..JB







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