#Ideapreneur Edition: WJBW Blogging Follies

Ideas are the lifeblood of change..Each week we chat with Artists and Musicians and Activists but we do not want to forget those that take an idea and create a business or help to create a product that serves a need. Because that is what America is supposed to be all about Innovation..and working together to make an incredible World.


This Week ON The JB Rev Show 11/07/17 we start up at 7pm via this LINK.. 

7:30 we speak with Tiffany Faucette Inventor of a cool unique Training aid for Golfers.



Check Out the site and Information HERE  This is a needed and Innovative Product so, we will learn more about It and Tiffany’s Background..


Then at 8pm We chat with Robert O’Haver of Search Talk Live an Orlando Podcast Dedicated to everything related to Digital marketing.



Robert has weekly experts on to talk about trends and strategies so we will be learning a ton about the digital landscape and how to make YOUR brand get more attention.


Of Course Later in the week ,we offer up Music Via The Circadian Cast..And have More original Content planned for November..so Hang loos Homies..Cheers JB

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