#BoomBoxBeats Edition :WJBW Blogging Follies

Hell Ya….. we Love all kinds of Music ..as evident in all of our productions..here at WJBW.

WJBW Ocho Logo

This week we have another Hefty Music Centric Week.

On Tuesday Nights we Fire UP The JB Rev Show for insightful conversations

This Week we are Doing the Show On Monday Night so TUNE IN LIVE


First UP an artist,songwriter, designer  and performer John De Vinci Joins us at 7:30 to chat about his current efforts and we will hear some of his sounds as well.. Peep Some of his sounds Now…



To keep it Shaking 8pm we have Angel Rivera From Monsters In the Morning and What the Hell is Angel Listening To?



We offer our humble Local Legend title to Angel so of course in true fashion we will learn about background leading up to present day. Plus we LOVE the vibe Angel is putting out with playing some incredible MUSIC on the Radio Friday nights 10 pm est to Midnight.. Dig IT..


Later in the Week, we Offer Up The Circadian Cast with a special #FemmeFatale Vol2 Edition for your consumption…Thursday Morning. Via This liNK



So we will catch Ya on the flip of the flop or whatever all the cool kids are saying now..or whatever………OK Papa..

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