Balls of Steel:WJBW Blogging Follies

Wow What a Year so far..EH?.. So we ended Season 7 then took a summer Tour.. Started Season 8 aka Season OCHO…..all this amidst a life altering Hurricane and other Life challenges..Yet I proclaim..WE ARE STILL HERE…OK PAPA..


This Week, Tuesday Night 7pm 11/21/17 we have One Show The Jb Rev Show and It will be a LIVE remote from…wait for IT…..


The Pinball Lounge  we expect to chat with the Founder of the joint Ed Klamp


and probably shoot some balls plus we will learn about special nights they offer, the PinBall Lounge offers rotating games that keep everything fresh for YOU..The Player..Plus perhaps we will chat with some of the People there that evening and we Invite YOU to come out to the Oviedo Location and Join us for a game or two..

Oviedo Bowling Center. 

376 E. Broadway Street Oviedo, FL 32765


So Get Busy.. Give Thanks.. Love Your Family… Do The Right Thing and We will see ya on the Internet Radio…OK Papa..



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