WOW…so far 2017 America Feels just like the worst neverending season ever of

The Apprentice TV SHOW ..seriously…and to boot all the halfway decent or mildly entertaining people have been FIRED already and you’re left with only the rapacious sycophants..OH….ALSO remember you cannot turn off the TV or change the channel..cause.. like I just said IT IS REAL LIFE…….Anyway….WE all digress.


So A Much needed reprieve from the lunacy is always welcomed…and as good fortune would have it..we all are loaded up.. and ready to  ROCK…


This week we return LIVE with The JB Rev Show and The Circadian Cast and have some FUN shows lined UP for YOU…Tuesday night LIVE we fire up The Jb Rev Show with a special Instudio Guest Anthony Mauss


We are going to talk about an IDEA that WILL happen..looking at YOU Orlando..WHAT ?? a Billy Manes Legacy Mural .this gets..ALL THE YES…SO..See all details HERE click IT and Participate in this highly worthy crowd funding effort.. #bethebilly



Then at 8pm Our Friends at Modern Music Movement helped set up  a call with P Taylor Hodges Of Rose Shadows they are playing a special reunion show with The for some ORIGINAL Orlando ROCK this is the NIGHT.. so we are stoked to chat with Taylor and find out about origins the Orlando music scene back in the day…and hear how his musical efforts keep bolstering forward…Here is a Picture with Details


Then of course later in the week, a tasty morsel for your episode of The Circadian Cast for all your original music needs..and such..

2018 CC Pic

PLus we are pleased to announce WJBW is now working with KUSH so every Friday and Saturday night 10 pm to 2am WE are In the House laying down the come join any night for some GOOD VIBES… or a Hookah and a Drink..



Also ..please note that December plans are currently being keep an eye out for something special before the Holidays..from WJBW…Ok Papa that’s all I got.for NOW…Rock Steady



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