You Know How We Do: WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes Yes.. Joy to The World..Rock Steady Party Like A RockStar…and all that JAZZ…..Happy New year…Every PAPA..2018 is HERE…DIG IT..and you know How We DO IT…


#WJBW Returns with A Fresh Week of Original Content. High Fidelity Original Content. Free Premium serving since 2010 #SeasonOcho Bold and Bright for the New YEAR!!!


Tuesday January 2 2018 7pm we Fire up The Jb Rev Show with a special in studio guest and friend, Orlando Rock Royalty and all around Fun Guy #LateNight Lievano the well spoken Erik Lievano Joins us and of course may be wielding other welcomed surprises.


Then about 7:30 we expect a call with the very hardworking man behind the movement of #PaintTheTrail. The highly prolific and talented Jeff Sonksen he is using ART for GOOD and we love his story so stoked to have a conversation to learn more.


We promise to keep focusing on Luminaries in our community and abroad because we need more connections and unity..and this happens through the most simple of constructs..a healthy dialogue. so Talk with each’s easy if you try..


Don’t be afraid to speak with each other and commit to be open minded and open to learn something new about someone not presuppose that you know who they are because of the car they drive.. That is a resolution worth keeping..OK..OK. I know enough preaching but I’M looking optimistically at 2018 Year of the DOG I hope we all learn more about Love and Loyalty…..UH Hem… and also the unity thing…OK…thats all I got……..

So later in the week, we offer up our weekly musical sacrifice via #theCircadianCast

2018 CC Pic

Keep counting on US to keep producing High Fidelity Original Content……. Love and Respect Each Other..Cheers JB..

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