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Orlando has some seriously great spots for those who love and appreciate good food. We are grateful that the spirit of creativity not only exists in the art and music community it also has far reaching effect into our culinary community. As Season Ocho Blazes forward we want to be sure we are focusing on our Four main topics of Art,Music,Activism and FOOD. From Food Trucks turning into Restaurants to Television Food Reality show stars that call Orlando home, we have tons of great places around the city that are offering everything from late night cookie delivery to the Best Ramen in the country.. Then of course the passionate foodie community with a voracious appetite for nothing but.. The Good Stuff!


Well, please to report We have just what the Head Chef ordered this week via The Jb Rev Show,……Here is our Menu for Tuesday Night..


Honored to be able to connect with a hard working Orlando Food Maven that adds flavor to everything she touches… Emily Ellen joins us…for a chat about her storied career in Food and future directions for her continued bolstering of delicious drinks and delights and every RAD……..in Orlando and abroad…

EE Frigo Cheese 2

Emily Ellen is widely known for her many Television appearances spread across the Food Network and Local and National news plus being forever immortalized as the voice of a Simpson character based on her own persona..so pretty freaking ….coolstuff……….She also has Brands  that help to evoke and encourage culinary educating and the sharing of best practices…As usual we work to will learn more about origins and hear about some of her future plans.

EE Head Shot 10

We hope to get some insight on some local favorite spots to grab a bite at as Orlando really is a great Epicenter of Food that represents flavors from all across the Globe. We have a diverse representation of different cultures here and our many culinary options makes this abundantly evident.

Of course as we like to do we will offer up the weekly cross sections of Original Music via The Circadian Cast and some weekend festivities occuring at KUSH Ultra Lounge where the credo is Always Be Lounging





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