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All work and no play makes you ONE cranky Ass…Bitch..or something like that..

Hell ya ..FREE TIME is great yet it does not just exist without hard work. Some love to go to a party, a concert, perhaps the beach or just out to a great meal and a movie.


No Doubt about it Hard work is one thing ….however we need to remember why we work, usually it is to enjoy FREE TIME with loved ones.  Each Week The Rev and I dedicate FREE TIME to gush praise and gratitude all over people. People that keep busting their ass to push forward ART,Music, Food or a Great Cause.


We encourage you to find a cause you believe in and volunteer or just offer to help in some way because it is that giving that begets giving..Just do something for another person without thought of a reward….It is a much better world to live in than the one where you think everyone’s out to get you or drinking toxic political koolaid..well..I think you get the point..or I hope so..Moving ON….


This week we are honored to have a Florida Native that has the Balance of Life on Lock -Down. Stoked to have the epic Alan Clark in Studio on Tuesday night 7-9pm est. Alan is a Huge Advocate of LIVE Music, Alan is so supportive of the Orlando Scene that it is a very rare occasion that he is not out supporting original musicians …and his only excuse is that he is busting his ass helping people or saving lives a Registered Nurse. We are honored to chat with Alan and have him in to hag with us as we do this weekly Praise gush thing……..called The JB Rev Show 


Our featured Guest will share stories about his origins how Orlando has changed and also the shows he has been to over the years as I am sure his T-Shirt collection must be insane..Of course we will offer up our normal tomfoolery and our time tested segments The Reverends Revelations and Breaking News Badly. Later in the Week we offer up Original Music Via The Circadian Cast so please do spend some of your FREE TIME with us weekly and learn about people making an impact. High Fidelity Original Content 8 Years Strong…WJBW Networks is Free TIME For ALL!!! OK PAPA

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