#HighHopes :WJBW Blogging Follies

Yes Yes… we here at WJBW do this weekly to keep our INDIE Voice exercised so we can be heard Loud and Clear…We support Originals and Creatives we constantly help others get a little LOVE for their efforts of Independent creation…So we got High Hopes and also support those who do as well….BecaUSE hOPE IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN fEAR…



Having Independent voices is a very important part of ANY Democracy. Dissent to a populace view is actually a super healthy precept to adhere to. As we barrel ever forward to intelligently confront anyone who truly thinks that blind allegiance to a king or dictator is better than a system of checks and balances…Horse PUckey I say..to you that viewpoint is not only a total contradiction to the Experiment in Democracy called America…it is also..100% Garbage……… If you believe this that humans have more freedom under a Monarch or a Dictator then you need to read some books or watch a documentary  or something..


Anyway……….. LIVE this Tuesday Night  On The JB Rev Show  we have another round of sessions with people pumping and working….to make their ART , Music and or Create community strengthening  groups and events..


7:30 pm we speak with Royce Ashcroft who joins us to talk Noor 17 and the Very First Upcoming Vegan Gala at the Abbey March 17th.  Of course in our usual style we will learn as much as we can, and hope to uncover some deeper insights.


Then we have an in studio session with local DJ and Producer El Villo. We will hear some insight into his interesting ethereal compositions and have him join us as a guest host, for the balance of the Show. El Villo has involvement with his own Effort Deep Space Radio, plus ties across the DJ community..which will will learn more about..You can Sample the cosmic sounds HERE


Then for our Original Music Friday Night WE HOPE to have our First The Circadian Cast LIVE from KUSH.. So keep tuned IN…ALSO…


So keep reaching out and communicating with us as we are ever so Open minded and also have super #HighHopes so come join us weekly for High Fidelity Original Content

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