#AMFA: WJBW Blogging Follies

ART MUSIC FOOD and ACTIVISM that is what #AMFA means or stands for in this application… However I am sure one could get incredibly witty and come up with other definitions such as American Made Fucking Awesome…or whatever you may come up with..I Guess…also as well……OH ya….Programming Note..here at #WJBW that is exactly what we focus on weekly these most wonderful topics ….#AMFA….. Our 8th season of walking the talk… so stick that in your hookah and smoke it..#SeasonOCHO


This week was Busy……… so we have some last minute confirmations for Tuesday nights show via The JB Rev Show..but please know… as we have for the past 8 years we will ensure to be offering up some kind of #AMFA for your digital consumption.. in the meanwhile consume and share the show because we are not riding on the shoulders of giant broadcast towers over here nor do we monetize these productions so YOU spreading those words mouth to mouth or something like that is ever so Important..

Ok Every Papa.

2018 CC Pic

Listen to our other weekly endeavour The Circadian Cast send us music or reach out and suggest interview subjects we want to keep the interactions moving and #PositiveAF … Peace OUT!!


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