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With all the chaos and disorder in the world it makes it difficult to sort things out and process the things we just can’t stomach..SO….sometimes going back to your ROOTS helps a bunch..It can even be therapeutic to listen to music from your past, skateboard with no helmet,play an instrument, eat jelly belly jelly beans, climb a tree ride or ride a damn bike anything that gives you a reminder that YOU have been through rough times before and YOU will make it through these rough days…so Be encouraged..my Friends…Good Change is coming soon…


The concept of Freestyle implies that one is proficient enough in any discipline to take liberties that are coupled with improvisations..and..then OH snap…. you just did something totally unique..Then with practice one can incorporate this new skills into their repertoire…or Freestyle can also mean your just messing around and trying to call it freestyle..or whatever…OH snap…somebody…Write that shit Down…….Oh that’s right I am already… …OK PAPA..


This week in that same spirit of Freestyle as we like to do weekly…. exercise that LIVE broadcasting Muscle……and spray love all over peoples faces….(image not included..).

This week via the JB Rev Show..we have a Local Legend Reconnect Session with Friend and bad ass grammy nominated Music Producer Christopher Domingo.


Maestro at The Analog Studio and much more…Chris will catch up with us and share some insight about some interesting discussions regarding the development of House Music.. and other electronic styles…So an extra special insight with an incredibly hard working and talented chap..Plus he can Freestyle Speak like a MOFO..OK maybe some other instudio surprises..you know how we do..plus The Circadian Cast offer a new session weekly..

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So Rock Steady with us share with a friends..because we ARE the Original and are 8 Years STRONG..of creating Independent… Uncensored..Original.. Content….DIG IT..Peace…JB




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