The Beat Goes ON: WJBW Blogging Follies

Dig It is another blog for yet another week ….for yet another show… if you have not figured out what we do after 8 years YOU MAY be totally lost and beyond Hope…….however we have plenty of Hope on hand so we can offer you some..NO CHarge,…….because…


at WJBW we create and show the love and so shall it remain..ON THE WEEKLY…..all alert and Keeping the Beat and what not……..and shit…you know how we do..


This week via the JB Rev Show we have a special call set up with a badass drummer it is Brandon Pertzborn drummer for Misfits, Black Flag and Ho99o9 to name a few Legendary groups…of PURE ROCK YOUR FACE off….status….Plus some other surprises…



So Join us weekly or consume past episodes..on over a dozen different platforms and growing…Rock Steady..JB

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