House Party Edition: WJBW Blogging Follies

House parties are usually tons of fun..drinking out of a Solo until the break of dawn..cause no last call up in this piece  ya know.. ..Right?? …I mean unless you are the HOME owner that has to clean up all the crap people left behind in the wake of having a good time….I mean right..WTF…. … y’all are some sloppy mofos….anyway…..



#SpringBroke crawls out of the bathroom..from puking in the toilet…and ever forward..for the Month of March we are doing some things a little different  for Season Ocho


We took off last week plus have some support with The Circadian Cast featuring DJ Sets…So here will give you the balance of our #SpringBroke Events for March


March 20th we have a session of The Jb Rev Show Featuring a talented and hardworking Orlando Talent. DJ Nigel John aka Kurt Rambus will join us for a well deserved local legend session…also to discuss his current efforts in video independent music production plus a dope podcast this guy still finds time to spin the jams in some of Orlando’s best spots..


DJ Nigel John Joins us for our House Party Edition. Plus we hope good buddy Tony Roman will be able to join us amosts some other wild in studio surprises..keep that ear to the ground..

March 22 a special DJ set from DJ Nigel John will be featured on the Circadian Cast.

2018 CC Pic

March 27th we are LIVE from Maxine’s on Shine for our 4th installment of Maxines After Dark,, that Tuesday night via The JB Rev show we will have a special guest it is the Incredible Beth Mckee , plus Kirt and Maxine should be swinging by to say hello, and tell us about current specials.. UH HEM I hear the drink menu has Join Us Live or in Person for this special event.


March 29th to close out our time off party Month of march will be a special to be announced DJ set for The Circadian Cast, so stay creative take time to support those who are being creative and watch how quick that optimism spreads.. Peace Out Homies..JB

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