Savage Season OCHO Rages Forth :WJBW Blogging Follies

OH YAAA.. At IT again..doing It on the Weekly..creating Original content for Your Consumption..and sharing, lets not forget that part papa..


We are quickly approaching the close of #SeasonOcho in May 2018 and of course perhaps we are building up to some kind of crescendo as we like to do, I hope…so we will be sure to keep you posted on upcoming out of studio sessions..However for this week, we have a solid week of content lined up..

jb and the rev

Tuesday night via The JB Rev Show.. we have a special in studio guest the for a Savage Session. Dan Larson will join us as we talk independent music industry and tons more as Dan is a mover and shaker behind the scenes


He works with SoundSlinger a group that puts on such epic events as the Okeechobee Music and Art some other dope stuff..we hope to learn as much as we can about Dan and his efforts…plus some insight into the acts he has worked with and perhaps some coming to the FLA near term or down the line….


Then later on in the week The Circadian Cast offers up some SOUL in our #SoulforReal edition..

2018 CC Pic

Most episodes archived on demand via this main page..hours and hours of FREE content follow us, tell a friend and join our movement to simply encourage and foster the highly american practice of civil discourse…as we are perpetually exercising this show our fellow humans a little LOVE..#ONTheWeekly….OK Papa..Rock Steady..JB

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