What’s Poppin Orlando: WJBW Blogging Follies

Keep it Poppin non stop..every week we chat with talented people and this week, we have a healthy line up of Orlando Rock Stars…in one respect or another.. so right to the point..


on The JB Rev Show this week ,we have the Legendary Swamburger in studio for a Local Legend reconnect..we spoke with him back before the Peacock Room was shut down to honor the whole group Solillaquists of Sound and now get to go a bit deeper with the talented front man,artist,producer and much more also we hope to gain a clean line of site on Orlando Hip Hop culture and music scene..


Then we expect top have an in studio session with an incredible force for retro radness and other delights it is Falon Nolaf of Etoile Boutique, Tasty Tuesday plus some new endeavours we hope to learn more about..so listen UP..


Then later in the week The Circadian Cast keep pumping up the jam for your weekly dose of Original sounds..Stay Frosty..The end of Season OCHO is in May..before Memorial day..until then You Know how we do…Showing LOVE on the Weekly…Dig IT..

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