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Yo Yo whats UP? OH..Me you ask? ..aww thanks for asking…well I was just enjoying some much needed time off before …back to busting moves and what Not.. Our 8th Season will close up near the end of May 2018 so as always..right ..up until then we are Keeping Busy..This week we have tons of Great Content cued up for you here is  the Menu… LISTEN LIVE OR ON DEMAND HERE


Tuesday Via The JB Rev Show we have a special in studio guest Dave Jordan from Ibex Puppetry who is an incredible force for Creativity here in Orlando..We will have a proper Local Legend session to discover More about the far reaching hand of Puppetry as performance art in and around Orlando and the Globe..Plus Davey’s role as Head of The Department of Peace….. Pictured with The Rev below..

Rev and DJ

Before the whole show fires UP we will come out of the Gate with a special recorded session I was able to get with Raelyn Nelson the Granddaughter of Willie Nelson, who is a true american the way……



OK so we will chat with Raelyn to learn more about her band and her direction with Music Plus her band is showcased at the upcoming Nashville South 5 and incredible alt. lo fi music showcase…Put on by our friends at Modern Music MovementGet all details here.. 


Throughout the course of the show we have some calls set up with our buddy P Taylor Hodges to talk about opening for Drivin and Cryin… for an upcoming event…Pictured Below..


Plus later in the show we get to learn about John Korbel who is an Orlando Musician this link takes you to review some of his works so we will have a chat to discuss his ART..


Of course closing out some breaking News Badly and MORE Original Music…Then Later in the week The Circadian Cast will offer up some original sounds on the Dark Lights edition with a wide range of sounds from current to early 1990’S.


We appreciate your support and consumption plus spreading the word all grassroots style word of mouth, because although we have been here a while we do not have the support of any media company to bolster our voice or distribute our we rely on our listeners to share the news of our vibe, we never monetize the content and are the original in Orlando Independent Content creators  doing to work of amplifying the voice of the talented and those working for a worthy cause..Serving Proudly Since 2009…


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