#SuperFlySpecial: WJBW Blogging Follies

I keep Opening up this doorway for more breeze to come through. Speaking in abstracts is the loudest way to be misunderstood, Apparently, therefore I continue building and soon something new will bloom until then..We got the same shit we got every week..Show the LOVE..talk with talented people, learn about things…blah blah blah



Stoked for The JB Rev Show as The Reverend was able to set up an in studio session with an Orlando resource…  Wheeler Newman a talented musician also a member of the Trio Cosmic Roots Collective. We hope to learn more plus role some excellent sounds…


The Reverend ….May have a revelation for us plus of course some new breaking badly or whatever…


Then we close the show out with some quick off the cuff chats I was able to have with some creative people that were at The Iron Cow  or aka Iron Cow Cafe to showcase what an open welcoming space it is for the Orlando Art and Music communities …


Later in the Week The Circadian Cast implores you to #GetUP…so whole lotta shakin goin ON.. papa..Peace…OUT!

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