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Electricity is in the Air….Can You Feel It??……Orlando is an incredible City for Music,Art,Food and Activism….Good thing we speak to one or more of those topics on the weekly…This week ahead holds some exciting conversations and sounds..so Here we GO..



Tuesday Night the Underground LIVE Original Internet Radio Show The JB Rev Show meanders ever forward as the end of Season Ocho approaches the end of May….


So every Tuesday night 7pm ish….we Broadcast LIVE and stoked this week to be able to start out this episode with a call from a legendary band member of a forerunner & true pioneer of Alternative music in America and Beyond..Generating from the EPIC Athens, GA Music scene from the early 1980’s…;;;…….


7:30 pm est …We are honored to have the delightful vocal talents of Vanessa Briscoe Hay who will grace our show..we will speak a bit about the origins of PYLON and then the forming of PYLON Reenactment society ……plus the upcoming event at Veranda LIve where they will perform for Orlando along with Drivin and Cryin to celebrate their 30th Anniversary Show 


Then in studio we have a friend DJ and other artistic mayhems..Hammerling …or Chris Hammerling or Hans Hammerling..dealers choice…we will talk about anything as our flow for this session is truly #anythingGoes…


UP at the 8 o’clock hour we reconnect with pulse survivor and thriver….. Christopher Hansen ……….Chris has been working ion tons of advocacy events for equality and we are honored to reconnect and hear about some of his endeavours..Check this Video of some of his recent experience as a Pulse Survivor and Activist. Very Moving Stuff…



Later in the Week Thursday we release a session entitled #GetDown.. as just the week prior we worked to implore you to Get Up …now we ask you simply #GetDown….

2018 CC Pic


because as we all know you have to Get Up to Get Down..duhhhh….ok, I do not think I Need to keep chronicling the apparent..so season Ocho will expire and in the next week we will announce our season closer event..in more detail….so thanks for sharing and consuming….Peace…… Love… Rock and Roll….JB

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