We are All Out of OCHO MoFo: WJBW Blogging Follies

The JB Rev Show Season OCHO grinds to a halt with a very special session from our Beloved sponsor KUSH….


We are expecting quite a Lively evening we have some special guests lined up.

Here is the Event Link.

To keep this short and sweet here is a line up of some of our guests …

First we expect that our friend #ROxy will chat with us to share some insight into her passion for teaching how a dancers pole can be the very best exercise you will ever get then we relinquish the VIP room over to her for whatever she may have planned.


Then within the balance of the show we have a couple conversations set up first to amply cover some ART talk we chat with the talented behind the scenes maestro Jason Lee…


Then our friend from Plane VS Cult Brian Kileen will be hanging with us of course music laughter and anecdotes will be yours for the having


Then we expect a visit with our buddy who we missed an instudio visit with in December who will be here to chat with us Local legend Orlando Rock Royalty Erik Lievano.


Of course we hope to have conversations with Gary, plus the guest coming through and perhaps one or two more little surprises You Know How We DO..


So look for a WJBW Summer Tour announcement coming soon and of course More original music from The Circadian Cast ..and what could be the very final season of The Jb Rev Show Season NINE…..OK Papa Rock Steady

WJBW Ocho Logo


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