Here We Go Again: WJBW Blogging Follies

Yo Yo Summer is about to be here officially June 21 , yet it has already been very buck ass hot..or humid..or just HOT….whatever…but once again we brave the sweltering heat to focus on  art, and activism…Summer Tour born from practice with Summer Series..we venture out into the community…and to local business to quench our curiosity and loving of Orlando…..



Anyway the Summer Tour Begins..6/19 from Home Base..We will have NINE Episodes, out at local business and from home base… so stay tuned as we announce these dates Monthly..So Here is June..


6/19/18″ WJBW Studios:

We have some specials calls set up First we chat with a music group called Hudost and learn about their sound and advocacy work..dig this video..

Then after that we get a call from friend and Local Legend Dave Segal to chat about his book, he released this here in Orlando check it.





Then 6/26/18 we are Live from Maxine’s on Shine to do some quick chats with the performers from Vaudeville you never know what could happen.. ok, peace love and rock and roll…JB

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