July 18 Summer Tour Dates: WJBW Blogging Follies

Ferociously Forward we RAGE!!!…Because Life is all about Survival and then doing what you LOVE..at WJBW we LOVE to help amplify authentic vibes….and want to breathe additional LIFE into anything we interact with. No Pop up ads or marketing campaigns disguised as a competition for flocking sycophants.. Just PURE straight UP LOve,curiosity and a genuine desire to affect positive change..


This is the Second Year of the WJBW Summer Tour where we visit Local Business that are supporting the Arts in Orlando so For July Here are the Dates and Locations.


7/10/18: IRON COW for #GoFoodTruckYourself4

Check out and Support IRON COW an Incredible Open Space in the Heart of The Milk District.


7/17/18: REMIX  is an incredible resource for everything Vinyl in the Mills/50 District  a True DJ Haven. We have a special Local Legend Session with the  Cliff T! 

Check out and Support REMIX


7/24/18 TBD (more details to come)… or From Home Studio 



7/31/18 NORA’s Sugar Shack Nora’s is an authentic Beer Wine and Cigar Drink IN / Take Away Shop right in the Heart of Ivanhoe District, we hope to chat with Nora herself plus some of the incredible patrons of this quaint and classy spot for Art Music and good times…


KEEP ROCKING My Friends…Stay True and Pure in this world of Shit and Pisss….JB

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