A Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed End of the Summer Tour:WJBW Blogging Follies

Yo..its YOU again…. Oh snap that’s right thanks for the reminder…here we are a week into August already….  so please pardon our late post about the upcoming Close or TAIL of the WJBW Summer Tour! Each year we try focus on Businesses in the community doing great things and we hope to help amplify their vibe a bit by doing a LIVE remote to promote from their fine establishment, so of course in true form we charge Ever forward……like a ramshackle frankentrain or something….



August 16th 2018: Join us for a very special OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Thursday Night edition LIve From Badass Sandwiches on Primrose and Robinson. A True one of Kind sandwich shop in the heart of The Milk District. We will be fortunate enough to have an extended chat with Chef John, and sample a few unique sandwiches plus a few brews..come out and be a part of the LIVE show…..



August 21st 2018: The following Tuesday we are back at it …with one last well deserving stop out and about, we get to connect with Jose Henao of Henao Contemporary Center.  This space is large and only a couple years old but has already been known to offer Art and Music events seemingly found in Larger metro areas, and Ironically it is a considerable hop from downtown..We venture up into the back yard of College Park to visit this dynamic Art center, gallery and event venue and learn more about community minded events and fostering a budding music scene..so we are stoked to throw some love behind this excellent spot.


August 28th 2018: We are at WJBW Studios for a Final stop to our Tour with a very special Game Show Edition , local and Global calls..and games with plenty of fake prizes to be awarded in fact if you read this whole blog you won the WJBW pretend swag bag including but not limited to invisible gifts of worldly delights..OK.. so keep smooshing those buttons we love the shares and plays just like anybody else..however, we are totally underrated because we do it for the LOVE not the recognition and they just hate to show a little recognition to people that make them afraid…ha.. ha…ha…..ha..(80’s Rapper Laugh) ok..then….whatever…peace and love and all that jazz..rock steady..JB


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