Don’t Be Scurred: WJBW Blogging Follies

Here is the Menu for Tuesday Nights Show: 10/9/18

7pm est Streaming LIVE via this LINK

We work hard to bring you LIVE original content weekly this is the Ninth Season of this Original Production and we are committed to pushing the envelope as much as possible with live remotes or Global Calls special Pre Recorded sessions and MOre original Bits…. So look for more LIVE events this Season as we are one of the only independent productions with such a good track record of doing LIVE events that it is almost not even worth mentioning because someone might get Mad or anyway we MOVE forward..each and Every Week……….



Right out of the Gate 715pm we get to connect with the legendary Dr Paul Bearer who our West coast friends may currently enjoy via WTOG CW44 in the Tampa Bay Florida area. However Dr Paul also has quite a collection of Online Video Hijinks you can review Just by Visiting his SITE

Dr. Paul was on with us Last year so we are delighted to learn more ABOUT HIS PROGRESS PLUS FOR THE mONTH OF oCTOBER HE HAS SOME SPECIAL sURPRISES FOR ALL cENTRAL fLORIDIANS. OOPS. cAP LOCK sORRY…ok sO jOIN US eARLY TOMORROW nIGHT FOR A SPECIAL SESSION WITH dR pAUL bEARER.// OH i THOUGHT I FIXED THAT DANG CAP LOCK..ok there that is instead of correcting we just leave it IN…


We have Some Other Surprises as well..for The JB Rev Show Season #niner but this episode may get a little Spooky..with a special bit called Walken after Dark…and of Course Breaking News Badly…plus YOUR phone calls….


Then Later in the week as always Original Music for the Masses… The Circadian Cast on Full Blast, we can take your original music suggestions via send us an mp3 or two.. and we get you into rotation.. this show alone is almost 5 years old so we are definitely committed to Original and Independents.. ok papa see ya next time..JB

2018 CC Pic


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