We Got The Juice: WJBW Blogging Follies

Orlando has so many great things and last year we added FOOD to our roster of topics, or is it a topic roster? oh oops no that is tropic of cancer I am thinking of perhaps..;;ok

OH YA The POINT..sorry for the total non sequitur…anyway.. This week we have a very FOOD Centric Edition for The JBRev Show:


EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT 7pm ish VIA THIS LINK WE GO LIVE and YOU  can chat LIVE on spreaker or you can Text US anytime during the show at 407-906-9328…..in case you didn’t know….


We have a Healthy/Delicious edition lined up..First we invite a new friend in studio Jedidiah Stone, Jed, runs a business called GROUNDING ROOTS and he makes incredible cold pressed Juices with intelligent combinations that taste great and pack a punch of nutrition..


So we are excited to have Him in studio and learn a bit more in our Local Business Report session that starts up the show… The Shop is Located in College Park and you can also get some Time with Jedidiah as a consultation..you can schedule a session to obtain solid direction about how best to leverage Nutrition for overall wellness and other best practices … Book that HERE



Then at 8pm we have a reconnect with our Friend and Local legend Paul Joachim or aka The Chocolate Genius, Paul is an excellent chef but is most widely known for his chocolate sculptures..including many amazing sculptures forged in a LIVE environment which as all Floridians know the heat can be ever so unforgiving..


So part of this skill as well as the artistry is also knowing how the medium will be best portrayed,sustained and showcased….until Ultimately consumed. Paul’s Work in general is super impressive as he has appeared on the Food Network several times and we are stoked to be able to get to reconnect catch up plus find out some more about his current endeavors..


So Join us Tuesday and then Again Later in the Week for Original Music we air on The Circadian Cast, always an eclectic mix of sounds from all around our Globe.

The Circadian Cast was officially Launched in August of 2013 However in 2014 we became more regular with the Broadcasts as we now approach 200 Episodes of airing Original Music, predominantly of Independent Artists who should be getting as LIttle More LOVE..

2018 CC Pic

So if you know someone who makes music and you want to endorse them then please send them our way Originalmusicsubmission@wjbwnetworks.com is an email to send links or MP3 files or include in your event email campaigns ..OK papa I am going back to Chill on this low key Sunday..see ya next time…JB 

PS: 197 plus 271 equals 468…. technically… so we got that going for US!



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