A Sorely needed #TruDat Edition Up Next :WJBW Blogging Follies

Every Week we work to Shine a Light on Talented Hard working People in the categories of Food Music Art and Activism. A wonderful Truth you can take to the bank..well unless we are off on a Tuesday because we actually run like a television series..but we have already traveled this ground in previous blogs…….OK YES ..SO……..lets GET IT….


This week On The JB Rev Show

Tip: LIVE LINK HERE (all prior episodes live here also)

We start up our show with a rousing cry for you to VOTE if you are registered make time to research these people and amendments and be prepped for the day of and bingo bongo you just participated in America. #PurpleWave


All Right MOVING ON ….here at WJBW we endorse,consume,air and love Music all kinds of styles,genres and ways around Up in HERE …..So we ASK is there a better way to find your WAY than with a little musical accompaniment? Exhibit A Whistle while you work… OK…sorry…We think NOT  the case has been rested….so let us proceed..into our Line UP Via the JB Rev Show



About 7:30 pm

We expect a Chat with Musician Alan E. Gilbert: Previously of Stereotype Now talks about a New direction Name and Vibe of his recent project so we expect to learn more,plus run into a track to sample the sounds…as we clearly indicated in the previous paragraph..


8 pm

Then our Feature is a Local legend Reconnect with super dedicated,talented and producer Michael Donaldson, or aka QBAM aka Q-Burns also Founder of Eighth Dimension  which evolved  into 8DPromo and 8DSync , Now He releases a third prong venture called 8D Industries. We interviewed Michael about 5 years ago so being able to catch up with him now is most excellent as he is constantly helping to push forward ORIGINAL Music and has quite a far reaching effect around the globe …let alone the ROCK solid History IN Orlando…..Dig his sounds Via this Spotify Link



We will learn more about some sounds newly released check whole link for digital album here.. Monta at Odds We air a song from this release..


Then of Course some Breaking News Badly close out our show.. then original music via The Circadian Cast closes out our Week. We may have some special out of studio session for Halloween but these are still in flux..for Now keep sharing and spreading our content as YOU are our Broadcasting company..OK papa see ya next time..JB


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