Maxines After Dark 6: WJBW blogging Follies

Yes, Yes this is a very special occasion a 7th anniversery for the most wonderful,excellent,locally beloved,original,eclectic,authentic,delicious,entertaining and Earnest Restaurants in Central Florida it is Maxine’s On SHINE. It is Tomorrow Here is a snapshot of all the details.


Here is a very Precise FLYER. 


Then the secondary Reason I am Writing this Blog … To announce that The JB Rev Show will be doing a LIVE REMOTE from Maxines 5-7 or 6-8


or you know how we do.. all LIVE and in the mix.We are excited and honored to be able to broadcast LIVE to commemorate this most wunnerful anniversery.. so .. Maxines is located at:

337 N Shine Ave
Orlando, Florida

.so TUNE IN via this link    Or if you can just come on DOWN …#OKpapa..peace OUT….JB

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