Signing Off :WJBW Blogging Follies

The very Last Show for The JB Rev Show will be this Tuesday Night 7pm on Spreaker. Over the past several years we have had the privilege of interviewing scores of people that are talented and work very hard. And that right there is what we are ALL about …. and are talking about …people that do great work and may not always get all the recognition they should…..Ironically we are in this same category it appears after all these years…


So that’s where we have filled the gap for years and years without any help from big radio stations or even local contemporaries, local Zines or bigger media outlets, they listen but they never recognize the effort and the authenticity so we must do it ourselves apparently, yet we refrain from self adulation and continue to shine a light on others in hope that one day people will realize that this is a light that never goes out…because there is one and this is it..we are the original….yet we cease operations and offer ONE last show... however remember the light going on bit? well…the light of The Circadian Cast will continue to Glow and hopes for more light to be directed to those hard working musicians and artists that create music that helps us transport far away from grief and suffering and accept this Mortal fate we all share.. OH snap too deep my apologies for those faint of heart. OK so here are the details….enough dribbling on… we already know you really could care less about what we do here anyway…..yet secretly listen and steal ideas…so…Here is a new Logo ironically just in time for the last show..




SO…..Join us for our instudio guest Johnny Diggz as we close out with a Local Legend Interview that will bring much rich history and also encourage you to interact with our interview subject who is also the man behind The Lounge Diggaz here is a great overview


Lounge, Swing, Jazz, Funk, Booty, House, Country, Western, Yacht Rock, Adult Contemporary, Gangstah, Polka, World, Folk, Classical, Metal, Grunge, Standards, 80’s Joel.
Band Members
Johnny Diggz, Jack DeMarco, Ken Gustafuson and an ever-changing revolving door of Special Guests.
JOhnny Diggz


The Lounge Diggaz have some exciting upcoming gigs and we learn all about the events the man himself plus as we mentioned some Orlando Rich History..

We close it all out with the worst Breaking News Badly that exists and will AIR original music all throughout….we thank our Sponsors over the year we love your hard work and tenacity keep bolstering Forward…


OK, so Join us for the final show..the very last show ever for The Jb Rev Show..very last one! no more ever ….in fact never again will i write a blog to promote anyone ever again .in 2018.wait..hold ON..I realize now it seems like we are closing The Jb Rev Show…. .down forever..NO…. i just mean the final show for 2018 …….you silly rabbit…..ok slags..see ………ya on the flip flop..JB 

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