Breaker One Niner: WJBW Blogging Follies

Hey… Howdy NOw..That’s a Big Fat Ten Four Mofo… on the 2-0-1-9er..I’M Gone……OH Dang..I am just beginning the blog..and this is for the first show of 2019..duh..ok NEVERMIND.. FORGET THAT.. well HELLO again..we…hope ….All Y’all had a happy New Year..or is it Years? I forget… anyway it’s all in the past …. so I may be safe…ok nevermind forget that.. so….How are you?…Love that dress..or suit …and other such ramblings….or whatever…..


at WJBW ….We are the Original In Independent Internet Broadcasting, we know your pet turtle has a podcast now or whatever, but we do it LIVE and weekly up in Here baby..

Our NInth season barrels forward….so for the First Show of 2019 here is our Menu…


The JB Rev Show 01/08/19 7pm est LIVE Streaming Via This main Link look for the LIve episode called Breaker One Niner.. we are Honored to have such an Impressive Line Up


A Great Night of Music and Activism…. First Off We are Honored to Have Bruce Hayes of Bithlo Rising Hanging I Studio and we will have an insightful session to learn more about his Musical Life as he is an absolute Orlando Local legend.. Check out some sounds of Bithlo Rising.




First Call Scheduled is from a very driven and effective leader of social change here in Orlando and abroad, we are pleased and honored to welcome at..


7:30 pm Ian Rideaux  of will hop on for a call so we can learn about his impressive organization,and passion to help others.



Also we learn how to create awareness for homeless Youth here in Florida. Find out about this cause visa the main site CLICK HERE 


Then at 8pm we have a special call with Mark Dawson of The Grass Roots.


The Grass Roots are truly a legendary American Rock Band, and although members have changed over the Years….. the Sound and Spirit seem everlasting..Follow on Spotify

Mark has a rich musical history so we also get to learn more about how he was able to connect with the Grass Roots and more about how this music of a generation continues to grow….and be nurtured,..


Plus Mark has an impressive catalog of his own music as you would hope with a such a great voice…so learn more about that here also….Mark has a Radio Show.. called Making Noise with Mark Dawson which we will also learn a bit about..and encourage you to consume those episodes on demand or Live..




Wow so that is a Huge Line UP for our Return and breaking the seal on 2019./.. we want to encourage you to keep pushing forward.. stay Creative …Peace OUT…JB




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