Just Say When: WJBW Blogging Follies

Have YOu just about Had Enough? I feel like I have had enough of dysfunctional Politics to last a lifetime..Lets Get People Back to Work..Come ON … People..we are Better than This. ….Come ON NOW….we are still able to agree to disagree right??? or whatever..kick the can down the road like everything else…ok …Enough grousing……Let’s Disco


Fortunately HERE AT WJBW The Week ahead stays Open for Business as usual..We have a hefty show lined up for

1/22/19 First Hour we have a call scheduled with an Orlando Legend for a reconnect. Our Friend Anthony Cole checks in to share some insight into his Solo Music endeavours or better said collaborative musical adventures this graphic gives you the Skinny..


So it will be most excellent to catch up with Mr. Cole as he seems to stay ever busy playing with a number of side projects that are worthy of Center Stage…We interviewed Anthony back in 2011 for one of our first Local legend sessions so it is always a good time reconnecting with this super talented musician


Then at 8pm we get a little bit of Insight into the mind of a local author Mark Porteous.

Mark is an author and a life coach of sorts, he has a powerful ability to bring positive vibes into the Business world with his approach, which we will learn more about, in our session with Him..


Also Original Music abounds via The Circadian Cast as we recently Created a volumized edition series called Orlando Greats to honor Local Musicians even more so that we already do….so check Volume One and support LocAL ART and Music...


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