Lets Get IT :WJBW Blogging Follies


The blog opens with the mumbling sound from a previous conversation……

“It’s ALL Good….ya man I saw that too….alright lemme holler at you later I got this blog to write…..oh ahem….I realize now I have already started..OK..gotta GO…


YO….YO…YO ……Welcome back this week Via The JB Rev Show we have a special In Studio Guest who is quite well spoken and has some serious ARTISTIC Chops..Happy to have a session with Jennifer Payne I call her #JPAYNE for some reason… ..anyway side note…or a …..side bar? huh ..I dunno the side bar just sounds like more fun…anyway..back to this blog..OK,,so like I was Saying……..The Talented…Jennifer Payne Joins us..in Studio..


#JPayne sharing some details into her origins with Art..plus we hear about some upcoming showings and more about J’s  style regarding Art..Here is a great example…….


and Then at 8 pm ….  a call from the owner of Deli Fresh Threads So do you remember our whole art, music, food and activism thing? well our next guest seems to hit three out of four, Biggie via a Food centric (namely sandwiches) T shirt Branding company joins us to share the events and the brands he works with in Orlando and abroad plastering the glory of the sandwich gospel abroad…


So unless Biggie is in some kind of emo underground punk metal rock band …or whatever..and we totally missed the message , we apologize….yet……we are excited to learn more about this Brand out of Orlando


Join Us LIVE Streaming or ON Demand as always we keep working to help promote those talented people that work hard..and need to get some LOVE..we do it ON the Weekly…So Share IT Spread it and ROCK Steady…JB






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