From Orlando with LOVE: WJBW Blogging Follies

With all the hate and division in the world recently…it is more important than ever to engage in positive process’s such as our weekly discipline.. taking the time to learn about our fellow human beings…and encouraging them to keep moving Forward..


We sure do not claim to be flawless nor do we believe that the sunshine truly shines out of our behinds that is just puffery.,,, we just keep moving forward and doing our thing which is to shine a light every week on those deserving talented hard working people…who create Art Music,Food, or Activism….and seek to learn…more about them while sharing it with the world…for Free………….


This week we are privileged to be out Broadcasting on a special Thursday NIGHT Valentines Evening.…. Resurrecting The RED FOX LOUNGE from The Splendorous Mills 50 Entertainment Complex..I call the Fun Complex aka Wills Pub/ Lil Indies/ Dirty Laundry Here are all the Details..BUY Tickets NOW


Excited to help document a part of Orlando LOVE via this Event Join us Via this site LIVE streaming look for the episode called From Orlando with LOVE Look for another LIVE Broadcast the following week from another fine Orlando Venue……ok Papa….Rock Steady….JB

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