Lou’s Whiskey Lounge a Go GO: WJBW Blogging Follies

This Week Via The JB Rev Show ….We may have an answer….to the long debated correct spelling of the word……. Whisky..or is it Whiskey?


Right....like….Finally…. we may learn the truth about how to spell that word, however I am sure that most people could really care less about how you spell it, and say… lets just drink it..so Bottoms UP………Cheers…



Join us LIVE  Tuesday Night 7 pm est…VIA This LINK….From the legendary Lou’s Whiskey Lounge  We have a show lined up that is sure to entertain.... We have Ross McCoy at 730 pm   Lydia Lunch at 8 pm and Jim Faherty at 830 pm ….JIM is now the new owner of the joint and we are stoked because Jim has a knack for running great establishments specifically here in Orlando….Truly.. an Orlando Local legend ...Jim Faherty aka (Orlando’s Bill Murray) …besides…Jim’s History of bringing  great musical acts to Orlando…..Jim also is also quite the creative with the Bar drinks……ya that makes me wonder if he will ALSO bring back the Dag Daddy Martini that shit was dangerously delicious!! ..anyway…Here is Jim Pictured with Lydia Lunch who will also be speaking with us as our Feature session at 8 pm..We learn about some of Her current endeavors …YOU will be able to hear about some upcoming projects to be released soon..and more… oh Don’t Forget Tomorrow Night go See Verbal Burlesque Dinner Theater at Maxine’s …….Featuring Lydia Lunch….1960012_10203446907751886_77057169_n

Then as I mentioned earlier…we also have scheduled a chat with the ever hilarious Ross McCoy..We learn about everything Ross is working to push forward mainly the stand up comedy scene here locally as he recently offered Orlando another Shit Sandwich Comedy Showcase just up the Road.. at Bull&Bush  So these topics and More… we will work into our conversation with Ross….


Then if we still have Time we will try something NEW special Guest appearance with Madame Quinoa who may perform a tarot reading for a random stranger and we can TEST FOR….. Accuracy..or whatever..you know…..Madame Q pictured below..

Madame Q

NO matter what Happens. a Great TIME will be Had and this is an Open to the public Live Remote.. Join us Here are the details..on the Location..



OK OK Peace Out Until Next Time…Catch Y’all on the flippy flop….JB


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