A Bodacious Ballyhoo: WJBW Blogging Follies


This week a much needed Broadcast from Home Base……….


Inside of the freshly Renovated WJBW Studios via The JB Rev Show we have a most deserving Local legend Session. Tuesday Night 7PM ish via this main HUB.



You may know him from his current articles specific to the Orlando Music and Arts scene but you may be pleased to learn that he himself has a healthy background in music.  We will learn more about.this and much more..as we are…..honored to have in studio

Bao Le-Huu of Orlando Weekly.


Bao joins us for the entire episode, so we expect to learn plenty about his background and current /constant curation of the Orlando music scene via This Little Underground…. he goes places most others fear to tread…and we truly thank him for that…..


Also we announced last week that The Reverend is going to curating our musical breaks in between content…




so basically The Reverends Revelations almost every song now….



So saddle up little ponies for another healthy run around the strawberry fields forever or some shit like that…Rock Steady..JB…



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