Moving Mountains: WJBW Blogging Follies


That is a Bold claim laced with bravado and bubbling over with Vim and Verve,,,OR just the unusually high levels of Optimism I dose myself with daily…


NO matter what this coded opening Means one thing is for SURE.

You are the only one who controls how you act and react…sorry but you are the only one who is allowed to control that bit about being a just think about that for a while..before you hate anyone….just think about that….OK



Anyway: Tuesday Night 7pmish we have a True Legend in studio we are are honored to have the Musical, Artistic, Socially and Environmentally Conscious and Effective Gordon Spears In Studio…..



We offer UP our humble Local Legend title and learn more about How Gordon has impacted Orlando for the better over the past couple of decades….not only here in Orlando…but also abroad….. Music and so much More Gordon is known for as he tirelessly works to help maintain the Beauty of Central Florida…So TUNE IN Via This LINK


Of Course we have The Reverends Revelations as well as some Breaking News Badly if we have time…So Buckle UP this April we have 6 LIVE Shows Planned..Peace..JB


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