WORK IT: WJBW Blogging Follies


Art is So Powerful if you let IT run wild. Art can Move from the Streets to YOUR Home to Galleries to magazine covers,logos,stickers or even on bottles of Spray paint it is just Crazy……………… EVERYWHERE ART can GO..


Our Guest This week is without a Doubt a True Local Legend in Orlando similar to the likes of Scramble Campbell, in My Book..Mainly because his Art has a very Signature  look and feel..and a certain authenticity …Honored to have William Joseph Krowl in to learn more about his background,current and future endeavors…


That’s Right!…This week We Welcome IN Studio Dolla Bill aka Dolla Short the artist behind many of Orlando’s incredible Murals and not to mention plenty of his Own Art that truly transcend Streets or Galleries…His works Grace the Orlando Streets plus a wide Variety of Magazines, Stickers, and other 3D items of ART creations..


Artist work SUPER Hard and Earn every cent they get and are entitled to More monies in my opinion. That is why having Dolla in studio is Truly OUR Honor..We are posting UP some images of his works so GO consume and BUY and Share..ART!!! Tune IN Via This LINK Tuesday Night 7pmish





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